Predictive risk assessment platform

With my unique blend of expertise in economics, information technology, and full-stack software development, I spearheaded a team that created an industry-first platform that leveraged quantum computing and predictive analytics for unprecedented insights into risk assessment and premium pricing. We started by building an advanced quantum computing algorithm capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts…

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AI-Powered Energy Optimization System

This project blended my expertise in economics, information technology, and full-stack software development to create a solution that addressed one of Saudi Aramco’s core challenges: optimizing energy production and consumption to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. At the heart of the solution was an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm capable of analyzing vast amounts of…

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Optimizing Supply Chain Through Quantum Computing

The key goal was to harness the transformative power of quantum computing to optimize Walmart’s supply chain. Specifically, we aimed to develop a quantum algorithm capable of solving complex logistical problems, such as routing and scheduling, more efficiently than traditional computing methods. The project required designing a quantum algorithm, integrating it into Walmart’s existing IT…

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Advanced Predictive Analytics for Healthcare Management

The primary objective was to create a predictive analytics tool capable of forecasting healthcare trends and demands more accurately. This involved the application of advanced economic theories and IT principles to develop a software solution that could analyze vast quantities of data, identify patterns, and make accurate predictions. The project required a deep understanding of…

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IoT-Based Smart Farming

Tasks: Understanding the specific requirements of the farm and the crops being grown. Designing an IoT architecture that integrates sensors, actuators, and communication technologies. Implementing the system and ensuring its proper functioning. Training the client’s staff on the use and maintenance of the system.

Advanced Web and Mobile Application Development

Tasks: Understanding the client’s requirements and defining the scope of the application. Designing an intuitive user interface and developing robust backend systems. Integrating advanced technologies like AI for personalized recommendations, AR/VR for immersive user experience, and blockchain for secure transactions. Conducting rigorous testing to ensure the application’s performance, security, and user-friendliness. Deploying the application and…

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Energy Resource Optimization Model

The model used advanced predictive algorithms to forecast market trends and adjust production accordingly. This approach ensured that Conoco’s resources were efficiently utilized, reducing waste and increasing profitability. The project would be for sure a great success, with the model offering actionable insights that Conoco could use to streamline its operations and make more informed…

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Data-Driven Ride-Hailing Algorithm

The project involved designing a sophisticated algorithm that uses real-time data and machine learning techniques to predict demand and match drivers with riders more efficiently. By integrating economic principles and advanced IT solutions, we were able to create a system that not only increased efficiency but also contributed to Gojek’s overall business growth. This new…

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Mobile Payment Security Enhancement

We implemented multiple layers of security features, including data encryption, user authentication, and anomaly detection algorithms, to protect against fraud and cyber threats. The project resulted in a significant reduction in fraudulent transactions and increased user confidence in the GCash system. Goals: To enhance the security of the GCash mobile payment system and protect against…

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Next-Gen Network Infrastructure Deployment

The project involved designing a low-powered network system that could reach even the most remote areas, ensuring universal access to Zain’s services. We used cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption, aligning the project with Zain’s sustainability goals. The project was a great success, significantly enhancing network capacity and coverage while reducing operational…

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