Data-Driven Ride-Hailing Algorithm

The project involved designing a sophisticated algorithm that uses real-time data and machine learning techniques to predict demand and match drivers with riders more efficiently. By integrating economic principles and advanced IT solutions, we were able to create a system that not only increased efficiency but also contributed to Gojek’s overall business growth.

This new algorithm greatly improved the ride-hailing service’s response time and customer satisfaction. It also optimized the utilization of drivers, leading to higher earnings for them and increased profitability for Gojek.

Goals: To optimize Gojek’s ride-hailing service by developing a data-driven algorithm that predicts demand and matches drivers with riders more efficiently.


  • Gojek

  • November 2022 - March 2023

In 2022/2023, Gojek, a leading ride-hailing and digital payment company in Southeast Asia, was seeking to optimize their ride-hailing algorithm.

With my strong background in IT and economics, I led a team to develop a data-driven algorithm that would improve the efficiency of Gojek's ride-hailing service.