Development of Advanced E-commerce Web and Mobile Platform

The goal of the project was twofold: First, to develop a WordPress-based e-commerce website that would provide a seamless shopping experience for Home Depot’s customers, and second, to create a mobile application that was fully synchronized with the website for customers who preferred shopping on their mobile devices.

The project involved designing an efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing interface for the website and the mobile app. It also required developing a secure and reliable back-end system to handle the high volume of transactions, customer data, and product information.

Taking advantage of the flexibility and powerful features of WordPress, I customized various plugins and employed advanced programming techniques to meet Home Depot’s specific needs. The mobile app was developed to be fully integrated with the website, ensuring that updates on one platform would be mirrored on the other in real-time.

By April 2023, the project was successfully completed. The new e-commerce platform not only improved the customer shopping experience but also streamlined Home Depot’s online sales processes. The project underscored the potential of WordPress in creating robust, efficient, and customizable e-commerce platforms.

Goals: Develop an advanced WordPress-based e-commerce website. Create a mobile application that is fully synchronized with the website. Improve the online shopping experience for Home Depot’s customers. Streamline Home Depot’s online sales processes.


  • Home Depot

  • August 2022 - April 2023

In August 2022, Home Depot, one of the largest home improvement retail companies, sought to upgrade their online presence.

Leveraging my expertise as a senior full-stack developer and a specialized WordPress developer, I was tasked with creating an advanced, intuitive, and highly responsive e-commerce web and mobile platform.