Next-Gen Network Infrastructure Deployment

The project involved designing a low-powered network system that could reach even the most remote areas, ensuring universal access to Zain’s services. We used cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption, aligning the project with Zain’s sustainability goals.

The project was a great success, significantly enhancing network capacity and coverage while reducing operational costs. It was a prime example of how technology can drive economic growth and improve quality of life.

Goals: To upgrade Zain’s network infrastructure to support high-speed data services, ensure universal access, and reduce energy consumption.


  • Zain Group

  • March 2019 - November 2019

In 2019, Zain Group, one of the leading mobile telecom innovators in the Middle East, was seeking to upgrade their network infrastructure to support the increasing demand for high-speed data services.

Leveraging my expertise in Information Technology and Economics, I led a team to deploy a next-generation network infrastructure.