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Independent Research: Interplay of Quantum Technology and Free Market Principles – Insights from Friedman and Rand


This paper explores the profound interplay between quantum technology and free market principles, drawing insights from the works of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand. An in-depth understanding of Friedman and Rand’s philosophies reveals the core tenets of free market capitalism and its moral groundwork. Through this lens, we delve into the burgeoning field of Quantum…

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Keynesian Economics vs. Chicago School: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

In the field of economics, there are various schools of thought that dictate how we understand and interact with market forces. Two of the most influential of these are the Keynesian school and the Chicago school. These models have their distinct merits, demerits, and philosophical underpinnings, which can be traced back to the ideas of…

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The Interplay of Capitalism and Libertarianism: Fostering Innovation and Growth

Capitalism and libertarianism, two powerful economic philosophies, share many commonalities. Both promote economic freedom, entrepreneurship, and free markets. As an economist, I see these principles as key drivers of innovation and economic growth. In a capitalist, libertarian economy, businesses compete freely, leading to improved products and services. Consumers benefit from this competition, which fuels innovation…

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Understanding Capitalism: An Economic System that Fuels Progress

As an economist and computer scientist, I have always been fascinated by the dynamism of capitalism. It’s an economic model that champions competition, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation, making it a catalyst for innovation and economic development. Capitalism is essentially a free-market system where the production and distribution of goods and services are controlled by private…

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